Ugly girls love sex too

Today I am blogging about ugly girls having sex… across the internet, you’ll see most porn videos feature pretty, sexy girls (for example see the video featuring pretty Brandy Lyons) but lets talk about not so pretty girls for a minute…

Most guys arent interested in an ugly girl so dont give them a second look. But as I was walking through a shopping center the other day admiring all the pretty young ladies and older MILTFs, I realized some of the ugly women actually had HOT bodies. Many times I found myself walking behind a girl with a great ass and waiting for her to turn around so I could check out her face.

Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t actually date or marry a girl that I thought was ugly but I sure as hell wouldn’t mind banging an ugly chick once in a while (and I have) if she had a great body, it kinda would add to the excitement to know this ugly chick is getting some much-craved cock – cuz, guess what, ugly girls love to fuck just like the pretty girls and alot of ugly girls suck and fuck well cuz they know they have to make up for the fact they lack in the looks department. And have you noticed the strange phenomenon where even the ugliest girl suddenly looks prettier with a load of cum on her face?

So without much further ado here are some porn videos showing ugly girls with faces only their mother could love…
katie her first dp
Katie has one jacked-up face and no tits but I’d still blow a load on her ugly mug…

round and brown nyeema
There are some beautiful black girls in porn but Nyeema isnt one of them 🙁 I’d still pound her black phat ass doggystyle though!

bangbros marie louise
Now Marie is what you call FUGLY — fucking ugly! However, I’d still tittyfuck her massive tits!

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Until next time, PornDiddy out!

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