Its wedding season… time for DrunkGirl bachelorette Parties!

Welcome back to, well its mid June and boy is it ever wedding season! How can I tell? Its not like I have a bunch of weddings to go to, most of my friends have been married already and the divorces are already starting lol….

nope, the way I can tell is because I went to a great bar on Saturday and there must have been 10 seperate bachelorette parties going on!!! Now you do the math… 10 bachelorette parties multiplied by about 10 girls each… thats 100 horny drunkgrils on their own in the mood to party and have a good time just like the girls at the InTheVIP pornsite…

So I am having a drink with my buddies on the terrace at this club and a cute blonde from one of the bacheloretteparties comes up to me sucking on a cockstraw…
The blonde PornDiddy met sucking on a straw shaped like a cock…

lol yes thats right, she was sipping her drink from a straw shaped like a penis!! what an entrance… so needless to say, I got to talkin to her, she looked like she should be on DancingBear… she also reminded me of the girls I see at BangBros specifically BangBros Megan… I could tell this chick was the type that really knew how to give a good blowjob and would let me cum onher face…. we’ll see cuz I got her number and we are going out next weekend! I seem to get lucky with blondes at bars… here is a pic of a girl that flashed her tits for me at a bar a while back.

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