Make $10,000 by sending in your videos to Daredorm. Read below for more info...

This is what you need:

  1. daredorm

    Round up some crazy friends

    Go around your dorm and round up the wildest guy and girl party animals. Show everyone Daredorm, so they see what its all about. Right about that time, its probably a good idea to decide how much money each person is going to make if you get the $10,000. Grab your camera and have a good time.

  2. A Decent video camera

    You're not shooting Lord of the Rings 4 here... but you dont want to use a shitty camera. So, leave your parents 50 lb home porno beta max camera in the closet. We suggest using something like Sony HD mini DV, Panasonic HD or a Flip Video Ultra HD. You wanna try and keep as many lights on as possible... dark lit rooms equal doo doo videos.

  3. Documents needed

    This is the most important step. Every single person appearing in the video MUST sign proper 2257 and model releases. To download a copy of the contracts that each person must sign click here. A scanned drivers license MUST be included with each signed release. So to be extra clear, EVERY single person in the video needs to have a signed release AND a scanned copy of their drivers license. In the release, the person filming (probably you) is the "Producer" of the video.

  4. FREEZE SUCKA! Read this:

    • EVERYONE appearing in the video must be over 18.

    • Try not to show your colleges logos anywhere. We'll just have to blur it anyways.

    • You can send us the video in MOV, MPG, AVI or MP4 format.

    Video has to be at least 20 minutes long. Does not have to be a continuous 20 minute... it can be multiple clips that add up to 20 minutes or more.

    • For information where to send video and releases (or if you have any questions) contact us at

    • We'll contact you before putting anything up.



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